Steel Buildings

How The Steel Buildings Process Works

Step 1: Design Your Steel Buildings

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Gonzales Construction, California's leading Steel Buildings provider, simplifies the Steel Buildings construction process. Our design team consists of Steel Buildings professionals, architects, engineers, construction experts, and estimators to meet all your Steel Buildings needs. Our experience allow us to hit deadlines, finish projects on time, and put you into your Steel Buildings sooner.

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Step 2: Quote Your Steel Buildings

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Once your preliminary drawings have been completed, our experienced team member will determine the exact cost and lead time for your Steel Buildings. You will then be allowed to take the next step toward the completion of your project by locking in your steel price. Our Steel Buildings estimation services are used to manage costs and assist in securing financing.

Step 3: Engineer Your Steel Buildings

Project Specifications.

After the design and estimation of your Steel Buildings, Gonzales Construction will engineer the project for its unique requirements. To properly engineer Steel Buildings, we take all aspects of your project into account. With this, we engineer Steel Buildings for both internal and external factors.

Step 4: Build Your Steel Buildings

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The speed of construction is absolutely critical. Earlier occupancy means an owner can recognize rental income earlier, and a factory will start producing products sooner. Because pre-engineered Steel Buildings are lighter than other framing materials, it requires a smaller concrete foundation. This reduces cost and the time during construction.

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