Metal Building Questions

Why Metal Buildings?


For what building types and in what industries are Metal Buildings used?


Why are Metal Buildings cheaper?

When project attributes make pricing escalate, cost engineering is used to find a cost-effective solution that maintains structural integrity. Here results will favor building with metal. Large institutions, governments, and the military all use metal structures. Examples of businesses that use metal buildings are low rise office buildings, specialty manufacturing, distribution centers and warehouses. A key portion of the savings come with the Metal Building Contractor's experience up front when integrating customer specifications such as building function and performance, bay spacing, clear span between columns, internal crane systems, and roof slope. Our engineers consider all industry factors in their calculations, including but not limited to, live, dead, and collateral loads; wind uplift; deflection tolerances; and the seismic loads.


What are the advantages of a Metal Building?

The main advantages of using Pre Engineered Metal Buildings are lower costs and faster project completion. There is significantly less labor and material involved than in other construction options. Fewer parts involved means less time to build. Metal requires less maintenance; it is more durable than other materials, and is readily adaptable to its environment and end use. Finish guarantees are now over 35 years and are very appealing when you considers the total cost of building ownership.


Because the frames are easily expanded, metal buildings can expand with customer needs. There is a lot of flexibility in utilizing space. Metal Buildings also accommodate architectural diversity, allowing metal wall panels or other more traditional applications. Engineering and fabrication taking place in the factory and field erection is handled by qualified Metal Building Erectors. This means risk management and quality control are both more appealing with the Metal Building Process.

Steel is a dynamic green building solution, with up to 70% recycled content in its finished product and the savings are realized in the initial engineering and in the short time to erect.


Are there disadvantages of a Metal Building?

The disadvantages of using steel are more cautionary than anything else. In today's market, steel is being used  to make architectural statements as well as providing finishes for roof and walls that will give Building Owners years of high performance with low maintenance, making steel the optimum solution in the life of cycling cost analysis of building ownership. As your Pre Engineered Metal Building Contractor, Gonzales Construction will, as part of the Metal Buildings System solution, also factor in insulation systems, day lighting systems, doors and windows, equipment support platforms and other accessories to arrive at a complete building solution.

Gonzales Construction is well equipped to supply customers with Metal Buildings either as a general contractor or as a subcontractor to other general contractors who have a Metal Building as a part of their projects. We have over 30 years of experience and we possess the unique set of equipment, tools, skills, and safety management needed to do the job right. Gonzales Construction proudly works with American Buildings Company to deliver high quality Metal Buildings.


Where can I learn more about Steel Buildings and Gonzales Construction?


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