Church Metal Buildings

Church Metal Buildings

When planning your religious facility, economy and efficiency are important. Metal Building technology allows your design professional the freedom to concentrate on improving the form and function, while you enjoy the economic benefits a Metal Building has to offer.


The clear span construction of a Metal Building easily accommodates the need for large open areas, and specially designed mezzanines offer beautiful balconies. The design advantages of a Metal Building offer an abundance of exterior options, as well as canopies, fascia, and parapet walls to enhance the appearance of your religious facility.


As your congregation and ministry grows, your building may need to grow as well. One of the many benefits of a Metal Building is that your church can be designed with expandable endwalls to accommodate your future growth.


The multifaceted demands on today’s religious buildings go far beyond open sanctuaries and roof spires.  They include educational facilities, community buildings, offices, dining halls, large meeting rooms, gymnasiums—even video production studios.  Also, they include architectural beauty in keeping with their role as places of worship.


There’s no better way to achieve the appearance, functionality and versatility goals of religious structures or complexes than with Metal Building Systems by Gonzales Construction.  Gonzales Construction Metal Building Systems typically cut annual heating and cooling bills by 20 to 30 percent compared with other building types.