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Metal Buildings Systems can be procured and constructed up to 33% more quickly than conventional construction.  This is primarily due to the standardized nature of the industry. Structural designs can be produced much more quickly, as may structural material procurement and erection. Since the mechanical and electrical systems are designed and procured in the same manner as conventional construction, no time advantage is realized in these areas. This may be a critical factor in building completion, if these systems are complex and difficult to procure. However, the U. S. Army Corps of Engineers pilot project did not experience any unusual procurement difficulties in these areas.


In Corps of Engineers pilot project, the two buildings which were constructed using Metal Buildings Systems were completed in 63% and 88% of the time forecasted. The building which used conventional construction took 60% longer than expected. At least in this limited sample, Metal Buildings Systems clearly demonstrated that they have superior project completion times. This fact can be of critical importance to the typical user of this type of construction.


Many commercial projects have also experienced similar results. In one project, for a four-story motel in Clemson, South Carolina, the architect estimated that using a Metal Buildings system cut construction time from one year to nine months. The architect for a 106,000 SF commerce center in Westerviile, Ohio, also estimated that construction time was cut by 45 to 50 days.




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